Solid Rubber cord

The presented solid rubber cords are made of specialized rubber mixtures. Their careful production process is possible thanks to the innovative technology park that Power Rubber owns. In it, highly qualified professionals prepare modern manufacturing strategies to meet even the most demanding expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide and at the same time meticulously selected offer.

W Power Rubber rubber cords
pay great attention to how and from what raw materials our products are made. We are well aware that our products allow our users to successively finalize their work. Therefore, the structure of our rubber cords is flexible, which translates into a high tolerance to mechanical damage, abrasion or other types of deformation.

Solid rubber cords – multiple applications
Solid rubber cords are used in a variety of industries, many devices and installations. We can use them in the construction industry, in tank covers, as sealing elements or as rubber fenders on vessels.



Sznur gumowy o śr. 28mm NBR

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