Silicone cord

VMQ Silicone cord

We present you specialized silicone cords. Their quality is the result of the hard work of a group of professionals who keep up to date with their knowledge. Our modern production strategies are implemented on state-of-the-art equipment. Thanks to highly qualified staff and many years of experience, we feed the market with rubber products of impressive standards. That’s why our silicone cords have received so much approval from their users. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.


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VMQ Silicone Oring Cord

Silicone cords

Our silicone cords are made in accordance with all standards and in accordance with health and safety guidelines. They are characterized by highly flexible structure, resistance to gases (such as ozone or oxygen), biological substances or to the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Silicone cords – Guarantee of the highest quality

Professional silicone cords are ideal as sealing elements in various industries. We can find them in heating and air conditioning systems, medicine, pharmacy, construction or the automotive industry, that is, wherever only high quality is selected.

High temperature Silicone gaskets

The Production Plant has the possibility of adapting rubber products to the right needs. And so we offer high temperature silicone seals up to +250°C, and in VMQ silicone variants up to +300°C