Neoprene Sponge Cord

Neoprene cord is a type of weather-resistant rubber cord

Neoprene cords
Presented spongy cords are made of neoprene. It is a variety of synthetic rubber, which is called the material of the future. No wonder, since its use brings so many benefits. Its sponge structure is lightweight and extremely durable. This type of rubber cord is thermal insulation and waterproof. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.

It is a product that is very popular and is used in various areas of life, from construction and agriculture to vessels. How is it possible that rubber cords are so versatile? Simple design, durability and reliability allow them to perform in many industries. Appreciated by professionals and ordinary users, every day confirm their effectiveness.

In this category we present to you professional neoprene cords. Their high quality has been certified by a group of satisfied users. Such unequivocally positive feedback can be achieved only by attaching maximum importance to the careful production process and the choice of the highest standards of materials. Our rubber products are manufactured in compliance with all health and safety standards and regulations. Highly qualified staff, innovative technology park and effective practice – this builds a strong Brand Power Rubber.

CR cords – Characteristics
Thanks to its universal form and its advantages, neoprene cords can be used wherever they are exposed to difficult conditions. Flame resistance allows you to use them in places where they can come into contact with fire. Under the influence of weight and mechanical forces acting on the product, the cords do not deform or break.
They are also suitable for outdoor use because they are resistant to UV rays, ozone and weather conditions.

The simple design allows the use of cords both in the function of sealing (e.g. in autoclaves or tank covers) and in vibration damping. Cords are also distinguished by insulating properties, while not only maintaining heat, but also prevent ingress of moisture.

They are used in industry, construction, agriculture and water transport. In order to best adapt to your needs, we offer sales per meter and allow you to choose the necessary diameter of neoprene cords.

Neoprene cords – we focus on qualityThanks to many years of
experience, we produce durable, flexible and resistant neoprene cords. Withstand high and low temperatures (from -35°C to +100°C), are insensitive to certain acids and to mechanical damage. Precise design ensures better sealing and longer life. For an even better effect, we use the latest technologies.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the store. The Power Rubber range contains only proven products. Therefore, reaching for the neoprene cord, you can be sure that any work undertaken will be successful. If you have any questions, please contact us. We provide knowledge and experience to best choose rubber products for your needs.




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CR cord resistant to oil and UV radiation

Neoprene cord is an innovative solution

Cord of Porous Cell Rubber

Rubber cords made of Neoprene have higher temperature resistance than NBR cords. It has good resistance to heat, ozone and weather conditions, including UV radiation. The material is also resistant to acids and lubricants and oils.