Silicone rubber sheet

Silicone rubber VMQ MVQ

VMQ MVQ silicone panels are available in dimensions of 1m by 1.2m, i.e. with an area of 1.2m2. Choose from silicone rubber available in white, black, red, transparent colors. We also offer FDA-certified silicone rubber sheets for food contact.

Silicone plates Warsaw
If you need to purchase rubber plates in Warsaw and the surrounding area, we invite you to POWER Rubber to Pruszków, near Warsaw. We offer availability for plates, mats and silicone products. Low price guaranteed!

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VMQ silicone sheets

Silicone plate

The VMQ silicone board is suitable for all conditions. The product shows a high thermal tolerance. Our product was created from a highly elastic material. This makes it resistant to permanent deformations such as bends or abrasions. It is also characterized by low sensitivity to moisture and solar radiation.

We present to you professional silicone plates, which due to their unique technical characteristics are used in many industries. Their presence is invaluable in the food, pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive and agricultural industries. Their high quality has been certified by a group of satisfied customers who have given us their trust. Do you want to join them?

Durable silicone plates

The boards you will find in our assortment have been manufactured in compliance with all health and safety principles and based on the latest production strategies. This allows them to serve their users without failure for many years of intensive operation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

FDA silicone sheets

Our offer includes FDA certified silicone sheets. Sheets certified for contact with food and in places of contact with human skin and contact with drinking water. Such advantages are possessed by a high-quality VMQ blend with a certain source, which is POWER Rubber.

Transparent silicone plate

One of the available variants of silicone plates are transparent plates. They are also called transparent plates, that is, those that allow visibility behind the board.

Silicone mat per metre

The silicone mat per metre is offered in POWER Rubber. VMQ mats are used in the food industry in general due to certification by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) that allows contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals or highly developed industry, in different industrial plants.

We invite you to contact us to agree on such details as:

  • VMQ mat thickness from 1mm to 20mm
  • VMQ mat length from 1 to 10 meters
  • colour variant:
    white, brick and transparent

and the type of shipment, or personal collection in the vicinity of the city of Warsaw.