Rubber Stable Mats

Boxing mats for horses, cows and pigs

The range in Power Rubber is one of the most complete and professional offers of breeding mats on the market. We were able to reach this level with highly standardized staff and innovative technology. Feel free to contact us!

Breeding mats – Rubber mats for stables for horses
Animal breeding is a multifaceted occupation. One of its most important elements is to provide the animals with maximum comfort. Thanks to breeding mata, the places of residence of horses or cows will become a safe and more hygienic space for them. Our breeding mats have non-slip properties. Thanks to this, they minimize the risk of falling, both the animal and the people who care for them. Our mats perform primitive functions in lair boxes and livestock facilities, as well as in halls designed for veterinary procedures.

Breeding mats for stables for Horses, Kowas and foals of the highest standards
Our mats are made of the best quality rubber. Their installation does not cause trouble, and installation does not take much time. Its technical properties allow for long-term use.

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Stable rubber mats for horses, cows and pigs

Breeding mats

Adequate quality rubber linings create excellent conditions for horse and cattle breeding. Breeding mats are excellent in stables and barns. The elasticity of the material promotes the movement apparatus of animals, minimizes the risk of injury, and non-slip properties ensure safety.

Rubber breeding mats also guarantee adequate thermal and acoustic insulation. Their crushing resistance allows motor vehicles supporting the breeding process to move around them.

Horse breeding mats

Breeding mats for horses are a solution used for many years in western Europe and in the United States of America. A high level of awareness of the positive effect of breeding mats on withers increases their volume of use. What is worth mentioning translates into cost reduction. Rubber mats for horses are an investment that returns quickly while increasing aesthetic values.

Stable rubber mats - Advantages

Rubber mats for stables
The main feature of stable mats is their ease of maintenance. Big better and simpler than standard solutions in Poland. What to admit is fashion is coming from western Europe, with countries such as Germany, France, England (United Kingdom), where rubber mats in stables are used for many years. As you can see, it is worth choosing wisely.

Mats for free-standing barns

Large cattle farms often use free-standing barns. This system also forces the separation of lair sites, which are protected by suitable carpets.

Free-stalled barn mats come in two forms: ready-made formats of specific dimensions, or rollers with a specific width. Their advantages are increased degree of softness and inabsorption.

Free-stallical mats are easy to keep clean, which in high breeding conditions affects the quality of production

Floor coverings for lairs

Floor coverings for lairs are used in stables, barns and pigs. Animal rest is very important and in some cases has a significant impact on the economic effects of breeding.

Rubber linings on lair surfaces provide comfort to the animals thanks to the characteristics of the material from which they were made: thermal and acoustic insulation, hypoallergenicity, non-absorbence, high degree of softness and elasticity.

Rubber coverings for barns are widely used in cow breeding

We mentioned above the lairs. Rubber coverings for barns are of great importance in them. However, this is not the end – there are zones where rubber coverings for barns also turn out to be indispensable. The softness of the mats, their elasticity and ease of cleanliness speak in favour of the use of mats in calves, where the creation of hygienic and safe conditions during and immediately after childbirth is of paramount importance. Proper course of the carnation results in subsequent benefits in the form of good health and high production value of animals.

Barn liners increase milk production

Barn liners used in the cow lair zone act as an important factor determining the economic effects of breeding. Dairy cows stay lying down a dozen hours a day. This is the decisive time for the level of lactation and, consequently, the amount of milk produced.

Barn liners for lairs, thanks to their characteristics, encourage cows to rest long and prevent injuries and knee injuries when standing up.

Stabilization boards for parkers and paddocks

Horse breeding is not only a stable with boxes, but also external surfaces, on which animals spend a large part of their time. Here, too, rubber elements are used. Stabilization breeding plates are a primer on which sand or fine gravel is spilled. Thanks to the properties of the rubber and special drainage grooves, the surface of the paddocks is equal, no depressions are formed in it, and in the case of rainfall, puddles and muddy areas are not formed.

Breeding carpets

Breeding carpets are slowly becoming indispensable equipment for the premises where the animals are staying. Rubber breeding liners are most often found in the form of lair mats, mats protecting internal corridors in stables and barns, and soft substrate stabilizing plates outside the stables. Breeding carpets are easy to install, do not soak in liquids, have a soft and flexible structure and non-slip surface, which is important for the safety of animals and humans.

Carpets for barns

In single boxes, group boxes and in the free-standing system, barn coverings are used primarily as protection of animal rest areas.

Floor coverings for lairs in the case of dairy cow farming have an impact on breeding effects, as their physical advantages encourage animals to rest, during which their lactation level increases.

Rubber barn liners allow for a high degree of hygiene in rooms with reduced work capacity.

Barn liners are also used in corridors. The rubber properties promote sound suppression and maintain a high degree of flexibility.

Breeding carpets for pigs and cattle

In livestock buildings such as pigs, barns and stables, breeding carpets are used. They are used in lair areas and corridors. The physical properties and chemical neutrality of rubber make breeding carpets have a major impact on animal welfare and even on production effects.

Floor coverings on lair surfaces allow animals to rest, which – especially for dairy cows – increases the production capacity of the kennel.

Barn or stable liners make it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene, are easy to install, and their non-slip surface prevents possible injuries.

Breeding carpets come in the form of finished mats, rubber cubes and mats from the role.