Rubber Horse Mats

Rubber mats for horse
stables Rubber mats for horse stables are slowly becoming the current standard in breeding these animals. The properties of the rubber make the substrate made of it widely used in boxes. Stable mats protect the horse-resistant joints and tendons, and their non-slip surface eliminates uncontrolled falls of animals and humans. Rubber mats for stables are used everywhere: in boxes, washers, in aisles and even on paddocks. For someone who once uses them, they will become indispensable in breeding.

Horse-box mats
Slots for horses are a great solution when we care about the welfare of the animals we breed, and we value our own work and money. The belief that boxing mats is a big investment has become a big thing. That’s right, mats aren’t cheap, but the expense for buying them quickly pays off, and that’s a great thing. How is this possible? We answer: – you will spend less on the services of a veterinarian, because the slot mats prevent the growth of bacteria and germs and are hypoallergenic, – you will save a lot of money spent on buying litter so far – the mats are soft and unatmy , – less time you will spend on cleaning – it was calculated that cleaning the box with rubber lining is 30% faster than the box with traditional surface. So if you are interested in the price of mats for horse boxes, make a reliable calculation and see for yourself that this is an expense that returns after a while!

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Rubber Horse Mats Guaranteed Quality

Mats for horses guarantee animal welfare

These non-slip properties, flexibility, the ability to suppress noise and vibration, drain fluids, and finally the ease with which mated boxes are cleaned – all this affects the quality of life of animals, their health and their proper development.A feature of the mat for horses is also thermal insulation, which makes low temperature not transferred from the concrete floor directly to the horse legs.The high degree of softness of the mats is not insignificant for young horses, as these animals often relax in a supine position.

Stable mats have a number of advantages

Let’s summarize the features that make rubber mats indispensable in a well-run stable:

  • stable mats drain fluids from the stables,
  • make it easier to maintain cleanliness,
  • rubber slot mats are good heat insulators,
  • have a non-slip surface,
  • effectively suppress noise and vibration,
  • mats for horses are resistant to weathering.

An additional advantage is that rubber mats for horses are hypoallergenic, which in the breeding of thoroughbred animals is an extremely important feature.

What should be a good floor for the horse?

The floor for the horse in the pit should be flexible and soft as the youngest animals fall asleep in a lying position. Concrete and too stingy litter cause the formation of puters and abrasions on the skin, and low thermal insulation can lead to disease complications in the winter season.The floor for the horse must be easy to clean and wash. This gives you the opportunity to maintain the right degree of hygiene, which is extremely important to maintain horse hooes in good condition.These conditions are fully met by the floor in the box for the horse lined with a rubber mat.

What should be the floor for horses?

Firstly, the floor for horses should ensure safety. It must be flexible, non-slip, yet very durable.Secondly, the floor for horses should be easy to clean, not degrade and not make life easier for bacteria.Thirdly, the floor for horses should provide thermal insulation.Fourthly, the floor for horses should dampen the sounds. Thanks to this, comfort is provided to a skittish animal by nature.Traditional wooden, concrete or ground floors do not meet all of the above requirements, which should be met by an ideal floor for horses. Only the use of rubber lining in the form of mats or cubes fully guarantees the achievement of excellent conditions for breeding these animals.

Rubber slot mats are a cost-effective investment

The aforementioned advantages of rubber pit mats make the existing methods of securing the substrate slowly go away into oblivion. Keeping the horse on the concrete itself is already considered an outdated action, and the straw and sawdust litter only partially does its job. Organic materials are easily rotting, are a good breeding ground for bacteria and require frequent replacement.Rubber slot mats make it easy to keep the floor clean. They do not require a lot of work and – just as importantly – allow the breeder to save a lot of money spent on buying straw.

Stable rubber lining is the perfect solution

Thanks to its universal advantages, the stable rubber liner is the most appropriate solution in horse breeding. This is supported by the following factors:

  • the rubber is completely safe in terms of health, does not contain any substances that would harm the animals,
  • the stable rubber lining provides thermal comfort and prevents slipping,
  • the mat is easy to maintain – just a broom and hose connected to the tap,
  • the rubber perfectly withstands the load, so vehicles can enter the stable building without restrictions.

Not just rubber mats. Also think about the cube for the stable

Stable rubber mats are not the only idea for safe and easy to clean the floor. An alternative may be a rubber cube, which is suitable for laying in all communication lines outside. It is particularly suitable for surfaces exposed to heavy horse movements, such as corridors and carousels.The stable cube is resistant to weather conditions, and the long-term effects of water or horse urine do not change its physical characteristics. The cube for the stables is extremely elastic and cushions shocks. It is also characterized by crushing resistance and successfully withstands the pressure of heavy machinery wheels.

Stability mats for horses, i.e. rubber outside the stables

So far we have discussed the advantages of using rubber mats in rooms. However, horse breeding is not just a stable building. Stabilization mats for horses are used outside the building.Stabilization mats allow you to organize the park even on concrete floors. They ensure adequate ground elasticity and elasticity, and on soft substrate eliminate the formation of pits and muddy depressions.Stabilization mats maintain adequate hydration, and at the same time act as drainage, not allowing puddles to form on the paddock.

Rubber lining for stables

The stable rubber lining is an excellent solution for all horse breeders who care about hygiene in the stable rooms, as well as the safety and comfort of animals.Rubber is a non-slip, non-ingesting, elastic and very durable material. It guarantees easy cleaning and washing and comfort for animals staying in boxes, especially for those who like to rest in a lying position.On the market, rubber guards of stable floors come in three forms: as slot mats, rubber cube and carpet from the role. The latter is an excellent solution for securing the corridors on which vehicles have to move, because then the multi-ton pressure does not deform and does not destroy the rubber.

Mats for riding boxes

Every breeder and horse enthusiast knows how important it is to provide them with the right conditions in the stable. Would you like to reduce the expenses associated with bedding, cleaning the stables, and above all, you want to make your wards feel comfortable?The answer to these needs are slot mats for horses, which in recent years have become increasingly popular among horse breeders. We can distinguish two basic types of them: rubber and plastic mats.

Why add mats to the equipment of the boxes?

Because they are:

  • made of high-quality materials, providing protection against external factors,
  • easy to keep clean,
  • resistant to abrasion and tears,
  • Cushioned
  • Anti slip
  • permeable to liquids,
  • Hygienic
  • easy to dry.

In addition, they protect the joints, hooves and tendons of the horse and provide it with a solid backrest that can be laid on a permanently supporting medium such as a horse’s tendon. asphalt, concrete, paving stones, or grit.

Anti-slip mats for horses

Rotting arrows, hooves problems, ubiquitous dust and rotting hay? A slippery surface that’s just waiting for you or your horse to lose your balance? If this is the reality of your horse’s stable life, it is high time you will know an effective and durable, and not at all expensive alternative that will provide him with comfort every day.Of course, we are talking about non-slip mats, which are easy to install, hygienic, do not dust and limit the amount of litter up to 60%!They are perfect not only in horse boxes, but also in: washers, solaria, communication alleys and carousels for horses.

Why consider buying them?


  • have high abrasion resistance,
  • are adequately strengthened,
  • have very good anti-slip parameters
  • are resistant to external factors
  • suppress vibration and noise
  • provide thermal insulation of the floor
  • pass and drain water and urine