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Lair mats for Pigs
Livestock room equipment has a significant impact on the profitability of production. Improves profitability, eliminates environmental contamination, and facilitates maintenance. The pig breeding systems used provide for the organisation of places for animal recreation in boxes. An excellent solution here are lair mats for pigs, which allow easy cleaning and washing of lairs. Pig mats help to maintain a high level of sterility, which is extremely important in the wake of the current ASF epidemic.

mats Pig mats Are a way to properly organize a lair for pigs. The welfare of farm animals requires the creation of single and collective clean and dry rest zones in cubic boxes. Brim mats for pigs are the best choice here, as they are chemical neutral, non-ingesting, flexible and soft. Thanks to these properties, rubber mats for pigs create good conditions for maintaining an adequate level of hygiene, as they are easy to wash and do not promote the formation of microbial and fungal habitats. Lair mats for pigs come in several sizes. In the case of collective boxes, it is possible to use a lair mat from the roller, which facilitates its individual adjustment to the dimensions of the lair.

Swine Rubber Mats

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Rubber mats for pigs

Rubber mats for pigs affect animal welfare

The rubber from which the rubber mats for pigs are made shall not react with any of the factors present in breeding conditions. Its structure also prevents the nesting of bacteria and parasites, is hypoallergenic and safe for animals.

The rubber mats for pigs have a fluted non-slip surface, while minimizing the risk of injury, which is of considerable importance for the most severe animals. The rubber mats for pigs are non-unacceptable and chemically neutral.

Lair mats with rollers for collective boxes

As in single boxes, the most suitable for use in the area intended for the rest of pigs are lair mats in the form of ready-made formats, so in group boxes where there are more animals, the most convenient to use are the lair mats from the roll. These carpets have the same characteristics, and their advantage is the possibility of individual adjustment to the size of the lair.

The lair mats of the roller have non-slip properties, they are also soft and flexible, which increases the comfort of rest of the animals.

Mats for pigs not only on lairs

In large pig areas, it is necessary to ensure efficient internal transport. Journeys for motor vehicles should often be washed off and cleaned. The best solution is the pigsty mats, which cover the floor. The rubber does not soak with water, it is easy to care for and clean.

Pig mats are also disinfectant mats placed before entering the building. They allow disinfection of tyres, thereby protecting the flock from diseases and preventing them from spreading outside.