Maty do koniowozów

Mats for equine-riding

Although rubber products are mostly associated with use in industrial and automotive-related areas, rubber products are also available on the market for where animals are housed. Horses and animals are very often transported for various reasons, so to ensure the animal’s comfort, mats with anti-slip and cooling properties are often installed in specially designed vehicles.

Mats for the carriage of horses – types

On the market there is a wide range of mats that can be used in equidae. They differ not only in the manufacturer and the country in which they are produced, but also in texture, dimensions and, of course, the price. In Polish production you can find the most standard mat to size, having a thickness of between 6 and 10 mm, made of non-sequelic vulcanized rubber, with a top texture of peas, and a smooth underside. The price of such a mat varies from PLN 120 to PLN 200 per square meter, depending on the selected thickness. Then you can meet the trap mat, that is, having special tabs, 10 mm high or 20 mm high, made of vulcanized ribbed rubber with a smooth bottom. Its price is about 240 PLN per square meter. Vulcanized rubber alsomakes mats fortransporting horses with a rough texture fromboth the bottom and the top. Such a mat has a price between 110 zł and 130 zł, depending on its thickness. On the other hand, the mat made of non-sequeined vulcanized rubber with top striation on a basis such as trap rubber and smooth bottom with fabric, has a price oscillating at a limit of PLN 220 per square meter. The most common color in which you can meet a mat for transporting horses is black.



Champion lair mat for horses

Here you can buy rubber mats for horses

horse trailer rubber

Rubber for the carriage of horses – properties

The rubber from which the rollers are made must be safe for the animal by all. It is also intended to provide him with comfort and comfort during the ride, so as not to expose him to unnecessary stress, which the animal will experience anyway. The properties of good rubber are, first of all, the thermal insulation of the animal, which does not cause its cooling. Rubbers are made of such a material that, when properly laid with horse-riding, provides the animal with insulation from the cold floor. This is also influenced, of course, by the thickness of the rubber. For even greater convenience, manufacturers try to produce products specially profiled to fit the hoof of the horse and possible raise. Rubber is also used before entering the trailer so that the animal is loaded safely. The most important applications here are mainly trap rubbers, which are usually produced from a material additionally reinforced with non-woven and difficult.

A good mat should be characterized by easy drainage of water and other liquids, in order to prevent the animal from slipping and possible falls, while at the same time high abrasion resistance. Animals such as a horse put a lot of pressure on the mat through their weight, so it should be anti-Semitism. In addition, good rubber is not only economical, but should also be easy to install, clean and maintain. For the animal, adhesion to the ground will also be of great importance, even when lifting, which is influenced by the non-slip properties. In addition, good thermal insulation is the key to safe transport, minimizing the stress of the animal, which could possibly negatively affect the carrier itself.

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