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OX and OZ sealing rings

OX sealing rings


OX rings ensure tightness of machine components operating in the low and high pressure range. They are designed for dynamic sealing of reciprocating and oscillating elements and devices, as well as for static applications. They are used in hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls.


OX cross-section sealing rings are characterized by a symmetrical arrangement of the lips and high stability of operation in the sealing node. They prevent leakage of liquids and gases. The specially designed cross-section of the OX rings prevents twisting in the groove during operation, and also retains the grease, which reduces the coefficient of friction and extends their service life. The OX-ring design has multiple sealing surfaces on each side, ensuring a perfect seal, reducing the compressive force needed to seal. Withstands repetitive impacts.


X-rings are most often made of nitrile rubber (NBR), ethylene-propyl rubber (EPDM), fluoro rubber (FKM).


Discover the advantages of OX sealing rings:

  • compared to standard O-rings, they require less pressing force, which reduces friction and wear;
  • four sealing lips ensure perfect tightness, creating a lubrication channel at the same time;
  • stable in dynamic applications without the risk of the ring twisting in the groove;
  • available in a wide range of sizes;


OZ rings


OZ-rings are auxiliary seals designed for static sealing of elements and devices operating in the low and medium pressure range. They protect the operation of basic seals.

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