Oil resistant rubber sheets

Oil resistant rubber sheets

Although general purpose rubber sheets, i.e. made of SBR rubber, are the most common, they are not always resistant to the conditions that prevail in various workplaces. What to do when our plant has oils, greases, difficult weather conditions or temperatures of -100 degrees Celsius. C, in other words, conditions not suitable for SBR panels? The best solution is touse oil-resistant rubber plates, i.e. NBR rubber plates.

NBR rubber sheets – what are they?

The NBR rubber plate is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, which makes it resistant to any greasy, oil-based substances during the production process. It is a perfect solution wherever there are oils, greases and petroleum products. This is because various types of leakage can occur in many workplaces, and other rubber sheets used as underlays will not be able to cope with these degrading substances. Although SBR rubber sheets have many good properties, such as resistance to strong acids and organic bases, they do not show resistance to petroleum products. For this reason, manufacturers, in order to meet the expectations of their customers, have created rubber plates resistant to oil substances. Although the production process of NBR rubber plates is more expensive than it is in the case of more traditional plates, it is a profitable process, because it is NBR rubbers that are the only ones that are suitable for use in contact with fatty substances, while being resistant to weather conditions.

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Application of NBR rubber plate

Due to its properties, the NBR rubber plate is suitable wherever it is oily. We are talking about industries, for example, hydraulic, because it is not harmed by hydraulic fluids (elements in the form of specialized seals are widely used in hydraulics and pneumatics) and the automotive industry, where the most petroleum-derived substances are used. Among other things, technical hoses for fuel and oils are made of NBR rubber. These boards can work in places where the temperature reaches -100 degrees Celsius. C. This type of rubber has been used as an ingredient in medical gloves. NBR rubber plates will also work well in places where there are various weather conditions, they work with high forces (they are resistant to stretching, impact and damage). In other words, they are also suitable where SBR boards have previously proven themselves. NBR rubber sheets can be used as: vibration damping washers, table tops, insulation, seals and bumpers.

NBR rubber plate – advantages

Besides being resistant to grease and oils, these rubber sheets have many more great and appreciated properties. These include resistance to:

  • petroleum substances (lubricants, fuels),
  • fats, both vegetable and animal,
  • crude oil,
  • oils and gasoline,
  • sunlight.
  • hydraulic fluids
  • high pressure and a very wide temperature range (from -100 degrees C to +80 degrees C)

As you can see, NBR rubber sheets have very good properties and will perform wherever other rubbers cannot.

NBR rubber plate

Parameters of NBR rubber sheets

Because we care about meeting all the expectations of our customers, we offer rubber sheets with a wide range of parameters. The hardness that the rubber plate achieves is around 65 degrees Shore A, which is the most popular. As for the dimensions of the boards, they have 3 variants: 1200 mm x 10000 mm (up to 10 mm thick), then 1200 mm x 5000 mm (up to 20 mm thick) and non-standard, related to reaching the maximum thickness of 50 mm – 1000 mm x 1000 mm. Our rubber sheets have many thickness variants, starting from 1 mm, through 15 mm, ending with 50 mm (only in a 1000 x 1000 mm roll). The NBR rubber plate is usually black, but on special request, we are also able to match other colors and cut mats to size. Everything is done using the latest technologies, meeting all standards and ensuring that the necessary safety standards are maintained.

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