Rubber mats for playgrounds: SBR or EPDM?

Rubber mats for playgrounds: SBR or EPDM?

Mats for playgrounds for children are a very important and key element of playground equipment. These are elements that affect safety, but also give cheerful colors. And yes, there are two types of discs on the market:

  • SBR
  • EPDM

In this guide, we explain the difference for these similar but different products that make color meaningful.

SBR boards for the playground

SBR boards for a playgroundmade of synthetic rubber are characterized by high flexibility and abrasion resistance. It has shock-absorbing properties, which reduces the risk of injuries.

EPDM panels for a playground are based on SBR granules, which allows to maintain the shock-absorbing properties.
The panel is finalized with an EPDM top layer, thanks to which it has a higher resistance to temperature fluctuations as well as water and sunlight.

So what is the difference between SBR and EPDM sheets?

The differences are visible to the naked eye in maintaining the selected color scheme. And so, mats made of SBR rubber compound, which is one of the cheapest compounds available on the market, have shorter color durability than the more expensive version of panels made of EPDM mix.

So how long do the colors of the various types of mats for playgrounds last?

Estimated time of maintaining the original appearance for each type:

  • SBR: 2 years
  • EPDM 5 years

The price difference that benefits the SBR granulate product also affects its durability.

Rubber sheets for the playground

Which variant of granulate mats should you choose?
SBR to reduce costs?
Or maybe EPDM to enjoy the selected color longer?

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