Technical rubber sheets

Technical rubber sheets

Various properties and applications are made of rubber sheets. They are most often used as sealants, they are used to protect surfaces in industrial premises, keep workplaces clean, as well as dampen vibrations and isolate tension.

There are rubber plates:

  • general purpose SBR
  • with oil-resistant properties of NBR
  • acid-resistant EPDM
  • made of CR chloroprene rubber
  • intended for contact with food
  • plates made of porous rubber

The rubber sheets are of different thickness. Thinner ones, 1 to 10 mm thick, are sold in rolls, 1200 mm wide (length limited to 10 m). Grubsze, o wymiarze od 12 do 50 mm sprzedawane są jako pojedyncze formatki o wymiarach 1000 x 1000 mm.

sbr plate with spacer
sbr plate with spacer

Rubber sheets – characteristics

SBR rubber sheets

They are characterized by good tensile and tear strength. Made of blends of styrene-butadiene rubber, known as general purpose plates or ordinary solid rubber. SBR board is the most common choice of buyers. It is universally applicable.

NBR rubber plate

NBR rubber sheets

Vulcanized plates made of a rubber mixture of nitrile-butadiene rubber. They are resistant to organic solvents, oils, greases and fuels.

Rubber sheets for FKM fuels and hydraulic oils

FKM plates are plates that are resistant to constant contact with fuels and oils. It is true that it is a more expensive version than the aforementioned NBR, although it has a much better chemical and temperature resistance. (remind: NBR up to + 100 ° C, FKM up to + 220 ° C). FKM should be used as a seal, e.g. in car engines.

EPDM rubber sheet

Manufactured from a rubber mixture based on ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. Resistant to chemicals, they are great for contact with mineral acids, strong cleaning agents or alcohol. They are not adversely affected by light, heat, ozone and high temperatures. Intended for outdoor use.

CR rubber sheets

Made of chloroprene rubber. Very hard, resistant to adverse environmental influences. They are resistant to cracking and ozone.

FDA VMQ silicone sheets

Silicone rubber in the form of rubber sheets for the food industry. Most often FDA certified, but be careful because they are much cheaper without a certificate. If you need silicone plates from a reliable source, please contact us.

Rubber sheets can be found in stores selling this type of assortment. They are available both stationary and online. It is possible to order rubber plates with individually selected dimensions and shapes.

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