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Rubber pads

Rubber pads are widely used and apart from their basic purpose, they can be successfully used wherever the need arises. For this reason, the production of rubber washers can also take place on the customer’s request, for individually specified dimensions.

Rubber pads – general use

The use of rubber pads is really wide. They can be used as:
– soundproofing elements,
– shock-absorbing,
– for scissor and plate lifts,
– for springs,
– as washers for mechanical elements in cars,
– for terrace supports,
– for the CB antenna,
– under joists
– securing the substrate against damage.

Of course, all rubber pads should be selected taking into account the place where they will work. Here you should pay attention to the conditions and possible fluids, so it is important to choose washers made of a material resistant to possible harsh environmental conditions.

round rubber washers

What can rubber pads be made of?
Various types of rubbers are used in the production of rubber washers, which differ in their resistance to specific environmental conditions. The most popular rubbers from which rubber pads are made are:
– SBR rubber washers – general use, but recommended indoors due to the low tolerance of weather conditions,
– NBR rubber washers – also for general use, but with a very good tolerance to oils and greases, hence its frequent use in mechanical workshops,
– EPDM rubber washers – successfully used outdoors, due to the excellent tolerance of various weather conditions.

It is worth mentioning that rubber pads can be made of FDA-certified rubbers, so they can be used in places where contact with food is possible.

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