Customized seals

Customized seals

We make custom-made seals in a precise manner, using high-class materials. We cut rubber seals in accordance with the customer’s needs. Before proceeding with the order, the manufacturer of the gaskets consults and discusses all the details with the customer. We also advise on thechoice of material from which the gaskets are to be made.

Cutting rubber seals to size

We offer our customers the following benefits: many years of experience in the industry and customer satisfaction with high-quality products. We also specialize in the production of flat gaskets.

Customized seals Warsaw

We also makerubber seals on individual orders. We carry out measurements with high accuracy and adjust the type of material to the customer’s needs. Production and fabrication of seals (Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Białystok and other cities). Making gaskets from entrusted patterns.

Manufacturing of seals

Manufacturing of gaskets requires precision and accuracy. We manufacture rubber products in varying quantities for a wide range of industries. There are several methods that allow the gaskets to be cut. The creation of a product ideally suited to the client’s needs and applications requires the selection of the appropriate method and method of cutting.

Cutting gaskets – methods of cutting

Seals ensure the proper functioning of many machines and tools in various industrial sectors. Cutting rubber gaskets by hand is a traditional method that requires specialized tools and experience. Precise cutting with a knife will make the order match the individual needs of the customer.

Water jet cutting ensures a precise cut. By cutting the rubber seals in this way, it is possible to obtain any shape and pattern. The advantage of CNC waterjet cutting is the absence of distortions and discoloration. Finishing work is also not required. Waterjet cutting is recommended for complex shapes. The method is efficient and produces less waste.

Making seals Warsaw – why is it worth relying on us?

We are experts, we use the most modern machines and solutions. We offer professional and reliable customer service. Making seals in Warsaw – is a guarantee of high-quality seals.

making rubber seals

Rubber seals

Rubber seals made of the highest quality materials are a guarantee of durability and reliability. They can be made of rubber: EPDM, SBR, NBR, NR, CR. Each type of rubber has its own specific properties. When selecting the material for the gaskets, this should be taken into account.

EPDM rubber

It is a synthetic rubber that is extremely durable. It is most often used in the automotive and construction industries. The product made of EPDM rubber is resistant to external factors (UV radiation, ozone). It has good tensile strength and is resistant to tearing under high stress. The production of EPDM gaskets is used in many industries (aviation industry, military equipment, construction equipment, medicine). EPDM rubber shows chemical resistance, is resistant to acids and bases, which makes it perfect for the chemical and refining industries.

SBR rubber

The unique properties of synthetic rubber are used in the production of tires (airplanes, buses) and car parts (drive couplings). In the industrial sector, SBR rubber is used in gaskets, cable insulation, hoses. SBR rubber has a high tensile strength, is resistant to abrasion and ozone. It is used in the production of the soles of shoes and heels.

NBR rubber

Nitrile rubber is highly resistant to oils. NBR rubber is tough and resilient as well as heat resistant. Due to its properties, it is used in the automotive industry (motor cables, O-rings), printing (production of rolls), and medical (disposable gloves). NBR rubber has hypoallergenic properties, therefore it is used in the production of protective gloves.

Rubber NO

It is a natural, highly flexible and durable rubber. It is resistant to tearing and cracking, therefore it is used in the automotive industry for the production of tires. NR rubber is used in hoses, foam mattresses.

rubber seals for water

Factors influencing the degradation of rubber seals

A sealing failure can lead to fluid leakage. The production and production of gaskets should be made of the highest quality rubber. However, there are factors that accelerate the degradation of rubber seals. These include: exposure to light, heat, and oxygen (ozone). Continuous contact of gaskets with these factors can change their physical and chemical properties. Exposure to UV radiation changes the hardness of the rubber, causing it to age, crack and color fade.

How to prevent damage to rubber seals?

To ensure the durability of rubber seals, it is important to store them in a dry and cool place. Broken seals must be replaced or repaired.

Where to buy rubber seals?

Customized seals Warsaw. You can buy and order rubber seals tailored to your needs.

Making seals Warsaw

We make custom-cut flat gaskets from the highest quality rubber. We guarantee a wide selection of materials. Every day we deliver rubber sealsto various industries. The production and production of gaskets is our specialty. We guarantee efficient order fulfillment.

Customized seals Warsaw

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We are happy to provide reliable and professional advice.

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