O-ring selection - consulting

O-ring selection – consulting

O-rings, or sealing rings, are the simplest and at the same time extremely effective solution. They are popular for their simplicity, versatility and easy application. O-rings are now available in a wide variety of sizes and in many types of rubber compounds. To ensure proper operation, you first need to know how to choose the correct O-ring for your needs.


How to correctly measure O-rings?

O-rings are double-acting sealing elements that are used in static and dynamic systems. They are widely used not only as seals but also as drive belts. Made of standard, most popular materials, they have a temperature resistance from -40 to +210 degrees. degrees. As standard, in metric sizes, the diameter of the O-ring is graded and changed every 1 mm, and the cross-section every 0.5 mm. To dimension O-rings, you need the inner diameter (marked with the letter D) and the section width (marked with the letter W). When checking the size of old, worn O-rings, one should take into account their deformation. For this reason, it is a good idea to measure them on the component to be sealed. You can check the cross-section from two sides and then take an average which will be a more reliable result. This way of measuring O-rings will give you more confidence that the size will be perfect. It is also worth seeking professional advice on the selection of O-rings.

What size of O-rings should I choose?
We also invite you to contact our experienced specialists who will be happy to help you with the selection of O-rings. The appropriate size and material are the basis for tight insulation and proper operation of the device. We are convinced that you will find the right sealing ring among our wide range of rubber products.

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