Insulating walkways

Insulating walkways

An insulating walkway is a device designed to line floors to protect people working on electrical equipment. Electro-insulating equipment of production halls, electricity switchboards, engine rooms are designed to protect workers and reduce the risk of electric shock. The high strength of the product is the reason why it is worth choosing an electro-insulating walkway. The class 2 electro-insulating walkway passes a 20 kV TEST. It is very important to confirm the proper functioning of the pavements every year, for this purpose it is necessary to commission product tests. The health and life of people working on electrical appliances depends on it.

Properties of insulating walkways

Insulating walkways are made of rubber with insulating properties, the dielectric strength of which is a minimum of 10 kV. According to safety requirements, the walkway withstands a voltage test of 20 kV. The walkway is primarily intended to isolate from machines using high-voltage sources, but it also has other useful properties. The high quality of the product confirms that the insulating walkways are manufactured in accordance with the international standard PN-IEC 61111:2002. They are resistant to acids, oils and low temperatures. All these characteristics have been confirmed in research and a website or shop with such products provides such product information. High resistance to mechanical damage and the width of the product make the insulating walkwaycan also protect the substrate from damage. In addition, this product is non-slip, which also affects the safety and comfort of employees. Sidewalks are divided by class, it is selected depending on the rated voltage of the devices at which the sidewalks are to be laid. The most commonly used class is Class 2, which withstands a voltage of 20 kv. These walkways are most often available in rolls, but can also be purchased as a mat. The thickness of Class 2 proposed by the manufacturers is 5 mm, and in terms of width, it can be selected from several variants, most often it is about 10 000 mm. 100 cm . The thickness of the sidewalk is influenced by its purpose and class. Electro-insulating walkwaysare produced so that the top side is rhyfated, which makes the productnon-slip and the bottom side is moleted with a fabric imprint. Importantly, each insulating walkway should be subjected to a voltage test using an INCH test voltage of an effective value of 20 kV. Walkways should not be used in places where they can be exposed to uninterrupted ozone and sunlight, as this can negatively affect their effectiveness by reducing it. The insulating walker is also extremely resistant to tearing and heat aging. Thanks to this, the product can be used effectively for years. The durability of the product is undoubtedly a big advantage, because once bought walkway is enough for a long time. It is only necessary to remember to regularly check in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to check that the operation of the walkway is correct. This is particularly important because the inoperable electro-insulating walkway poses a threat to the health and life of those using it.

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Where to use sidewalks?

The purpose of the use of sidewalks with electro-insulating properties is primarily to protect workers operating power equipment. This is an additional protection against electrical hazards, e.g. electric shock in the event of a machine failure. Thanks to the use of this type of walkway, comfort and safety of work are increased. Electro-insulating walkways are placed on flat surfaces, i.e. floors in halls, corridors, platforms and workstations. Electro-insulating walkways are used to operate power equipment with a voltage of up to 20 kV. Insulating walkwaysare mainly used to provide protection when operating on electrical appliances with a maximum rated voltage of 17000 V for THE DC and 25500 V for dc voltage. They can be easily laid on any flat surfaces without the need for additional joining or mounting methods. Due to the serious risk of electric shock, heavy use of the pavement, the destructive effects of environmental factors and the possibility of wear and tear damage, it is recommended to carry out tests at least once every 12 months. After a year of use, the sidewalk should be removed from the workplace, commissioned tests and if positive, the walkway can be restored to use. The price you have to pay for such a product is small compared to the protection it provides.

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Cost and availability of insulating walkways

The price of the product is closely related to the parameters of the sidewalk. The greater its thickness or width, the higher the price. Costs also depend on how long the customer needs the sidewalk. It is possible to acquire the entire roll or trim the sidewalk to a specific dimension. The price will also depend on the selected class. The insulating walkway can be purchased in a stationary store with industrial and construction products or on the website of an online store. The address of a particular store is available in the search engine after entering the key information. A website or store is also a source of information about a particular product. It is worth delving into the given parameters and characteristics to know what to expect on the selected sidewalk. Protection in the form of insulating walkways, as well as other products made of rubber can be purchased in the POWER Rubberstore. A wide range of high-quality goods, attractive prices, fast delivery are the advantages of the above store.

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