Płyty silikonowe

Silicone plates

Silicone is a very popular material that has been widely used for many years in almost every industry. It is distinguished by unique properties, making it irreplaceable by other equivalents, for example in the production of silicone plates. Probably the main advantage is resistance to even very high temperatures, and at the same time those low, reaching even several dozen degrees below zero. Many manufacturers and distributors decide to sell this material, for example as plates, also due to its various applications. Silicone sheets are available in many sizes and thicknesses, and can be shaped almost freely at the manufacturing stage. High demand, customer demand, and at the same time an optimal production process make silicone plates and other products extremely common.

Silicone rubber – the most important features and properties of the material

As a material for making silicone plates, it has many advantages appreciated by customers all over the world. Silicone material belongs to the group of elastomers, which means that it is a material characterized by the ability to reversibly deform while maintaining the continuity of its structure. It is a veryflexible material, and additionally resistant to extreme temperatures. Many people also use the function that the created silicone plates are abrasion-resistant and durable. It is also worth adding that silicone products are approved for contact with food, because it does not affect the taste or smell of food. Silicone rubber is relatively cheap and at the same time very durable, multi-purpose and widely available. This makes it such a popular plastic. The silicone plates made of it are resistant to the harmful effects of salt, alcohol substances and a large part of chemical compounds. Its technical parameters are not affected by contact, even long-term, with oils or water vapor.

solid silicone plate

What are the advantages of silicone plates?

As a material, silicone is non-flammable, preventing the fire from spreading in the event of a fire. This is a feature that is often used in the transportation or steel industries, and of course others. Silicone plates, as well as similar gaskets, are completely safe in contact with food and drinking water. This makes the silicone plates also suitable for home use, for example in the kitchen where a lot of fruit and vegetables are cut, not always directly at the counter. The most popular version are transparent silicone plates available in various hardnesses. The 2mm – 5mm silicone plate is usually the optimal choice for your own needs, but other thicknesses such as 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm are also easy to find. This has an impact on the flexibility of the silicone plate, the possibility of further processing and susceptibility to scratching and other damage. Silicone plates are the optimal solution for people working in various industry sectors. High-quality silicone products are additionally easy to clean and therefore very practical. Another advantage of silicone boards is durability and resistance to aging.

Silicone plate red

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Silicone plate – application

The properties of silicone plates mean that they have a very wide purpose. Silicone products are often used in the food(and in particular, confectionery) and wine industries. This is due to the fact that silicone plates tolerate up to +250 degrees. This plastic is used to create heating devices, dryers and the latest intelligent technology equipment. In addition, silicone plates of various thicknesses, most often from 1 mm or 3 mm to 10 mm, are used in theelectronics industry. Thanks to resistance to low temperatures – even up to -60 seconds. 30 ShA Celsius silicone products are found in the refrigeration sector. Various types of thin finished products with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm are also often found in homes, especially in the kitchen. For example, a silicone mat by the meter has vibro-insulating properties. Shops usually offer them with a hardness of 30 ShA. You can freely adjust the size you buy to your individual needs in order to reduce the noise level. Płyty silikonowe doskonale tłumią drgania zarówno i niskiej, jak i wysokiej częstotliwości. Thanks to its resistance to many intense weather conditions, silicone can be used in all conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

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