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Kinds of threads

Types of threads

Thread Types. Check the Imperial and Metric Trapezoidal Threads and others on the market. We invite you to download the PDF version. Check specific information.

CR Neoprene board Chloroprene mat

CR Neoprene board Chloroprene mat

CR neoprene rubber mat, ozone resistant Neoprene sheets are CR chloroprene rubber mats. The structure of this rubber product is solid, which allows it to be used in many industries and increases the chemical resistance of these articles. Offered in POWER Rubber confirm the high quality of workmanship. Neoprene rubber sheets CR – Chemical resistance […]

technical seals Power Rubber

Technical seals

Technical seals – A guide containing a description of technical seals. It contains a description of seals available on the market such as: Simering Types and seals such as: O-rings and types.

Rubber cords

Rubber cords

Rubber cords – available types of rubber cords and their basic applications.

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