Copper grease

Copper Grease

Copper greases for lubricants dedicated for use in vehicles. Copper greases are resistant to high temperatures. Due to their consistency and high-quality ingredients, they show resistance to weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow.

Copper greases – Purpose of use
Copper greases are used in metal-to-metal joints. It is thanks to them that we can easily protect metal parts against corrosion – coating with a known corrosion process. It is also worth adding that this application brings one more result: noise reduction, i.e. noise reduction.

Copper glue Application
Used both in the largest models of trucks, but also in passenger cars, and even in motorcycles, bicycles and other specialized vehicles.

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Silicone Grease

The use of silicone grease is recommended wherever orings or other sealing elements occur. Its task is to protect the gasket by creating an additional coating with very high resistance. An already thin layer of grease will significantly reduce the friction of metal parts or protect rubber parts from cracking. In a word, it will extend the failure-freeness of the equipment we use.Silicone grease is widely used in very different fields, which is confirmed by its widely desired properties. He is valued in automotive as a grease for hinges, screws, energy as a protection of components operating at high temperatures or as protection of cables against water ingress, gyms as grease for raceway components, protection of plastic components and even in the food industry. In the food industry it is particularly valued because it is hygienic, that is, it is pure grease, does not leave stains, does not stick to dust, and additionally has hydrophobic properties. It is PZH certified and is therefore also used to protect machine components in contact with food.