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Rubber cords

Rubber cords

Rubber cords – available types of rubber cords and their basic applications.

Square cords

Square cords

High-quality rubber cords with a square cross section made of durable rubber materials such as NBR, FKM, EPDM, silicone and others are the perfect solution for sealing in all industries. They are as popular and practical as the known round rubber cords. Characteristics of rubber materials for square ropes Specialized design and the use of […]

Najważniejsze powody, dla których warto kupić sznur gumowy kalibrowany

Top Reasons to Buy a Calibrated Rubber Cord

Calibrated rubber cordis a rubber product with high tolerance, which allows to maintain the accuracy of product manufacturing for both producers and consumers. This will result in higher product quality and less time wasted on defective products. 1. Greater accuracy in manufacturing products The goal of product production is for the product to meet the […]

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