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Technical seals

Technical seals – A guide containing a description of technical seals. It contains a description of seals available on the market such as: Simering Types and seals such as: O-rings and types.

Uszczelki Viton

Viton® seals

Viton® seals available from Power Rubber

P Bond Seal Rings

P Bond Seals are bonded gaskets, also known as Dowta rings, made of a metal washer (outer ring) and vulcanized rubber (inner ring). The metal washer prevents excessive compression and reduces deformation of the rubber inner ring.   They are perfect for static sealing in high pressure systems where other seals are not sufficient. They […]

OX and OZ sealing rings

OX sealing rings   OX rings ensure tightness of machine components operating in the low and high pressure range. They are designed for dynamic sealing of reciprocating and oscillating elements and devices, as well as for static applications. They are used in hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls.   OX cross-section sealing rings are characterized […]

Profile gumowe produkcja

Rubber profiles

Rubber profiles are extremely versatile gaskets that are often used at home and in various industries. They come in many different sections and are made of different materials, which means that each model has different properties. Currently, each manufacturer of gaskets offers a countless number of rubber sealing products, so that every, even the most […]

Seals for construction machinery

Seals for construction machinery

Construction vehicles are often operated under extremely difficult conditions. The set of construction machinery seals is in constant contact with contaminants (sand, dust, dirt). The pin or gearbox seals must be efficient and durable, and resistant to moisture, dirt and fuel. Machine seals are responsible for durability and failure-free operation. Pin sealing Pins play a […]

Customized seals

Customized seals

We make custom-made seals in a precise manner, using high-class materials. We cut rubber seals in accordance with the customer’s needs. Before proceeding with the order, the manufacturer of the gaskets consults and discusses all the details with the customer. We also advise on thechoice of material from which the gaskets are to be made. […]

Scraper and scraper-sealing rings

Scraper rings – seals of this type are one of the types of auxiliary rings that are used in the sealing industry as an auxiliary seal for primary seals, which determine the tightness of the entire system. The reciprocating rings that fulfill this task include the scraper ring, it has a protective function, preventing solid […]

Certified gas gaskets - O-rings and flat

Certified gas gaskets – O-rings and flat

Certified gas gaskets are designed for tight connection between surfaces or joints. The gasket prevents gas leaks where two edges meet. The gas O-ring must meet safety standards regarding the type of material, its durability and design. What material are gas O-rings made of? Gas seals are made of vulcanized rubber materials such as: NBR, […]

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