NBR nitrile o ring

Nitrile rubber O-rings NBR 70 80 and 90 ShA

The presented rubber O-rings are widely used in all branches of industry, commercial facilities as well as in private facilities. Due to the incredible quality confirmed by a series of tests, they fulfill their tasks perfectly. Specialized material composition and careful workmanship – this is what Power Rubber products are characterized by.

Nitrile O-rings 70 75 80 and 90 ShA
O-rings are an essential element of the device’s proper functioning. They allow its solid and moving parts to be sealed. The product presented was made of NBR – acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. Thanks to this, it is resistant to damage and harmful external factors.

O-rings – quality and precision of workmanship
The quality and precision of the product is evident at every step. This is because they were created in accordance with all standards. At Power Rubber, we have O-rings of varying diameter and thickness. Such a complete set will allow you to choose the most optimal solution for you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range.

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NBR O-ring sealing

Nitrile rubber O-ring

Nitrile rubber O-ring

Power Rubber offers rubber O-rings in its store near Warsaw.O-rings can also be found under the name O-ring or seal. The purpose of the O-ring is exactly the same as the gasket – it is intended to protect the joining of two or more materials against the release of dust, gases, liquids, oils or various chemical substances. The terms gasket and O-ring are quite often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference in construction. O-ring is a round, usually made of rubber, object with a round cross section. It can be said that it looks like a ring, a tire.The use of O-rings is very universal today. We will find them in every industry: food, pharmaceutical, electric or hydraulic. Therefore, the materials from which the rubber O-rings are made have been specially adapted to a wide spectrum of tasks. Depending on the environment in which we want to place the O-ring we will find high-temperature O-rings, low-temperature O-rings, chemical-resistant O-rings, etc.We are a company that is constantly looking for new solutions, improvements and improvements. We know that the development of technology allows the production of new rubber mixtures, and thus allows them to be used according to our own needs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of rubber O-rings in our store. They are divided according to the materials from which it is possible to produce them.

Oring NBR Properties

NBR70 O-ring

The properties of nbr O-rings include resistance to temperatures up to + 90oC, fats, greases, various types of oils including mineral, engine and hydraulic oils, water and such chemical compounds as diluted acids or bases (at neutral temperature).Gaskets made of elastomers like NBR are widely used in industry, but also in gardening, or in our kitchen and bathrooms. O-rings are available in many sizes. A wide range of O-rings and dimensions are available in our O-ring catalog. We invite you to take advantage of the offer!

NBR O-ring Temperature

O-ring NBR – The temperature for this type of technical seal made of this mix is as follows:-40 ° C to + 90 ° C

NBR 70 75 80 90 ShA O-rings

At Power Rubber, we offer nbr nitrile orings made precisely from high quality materials.Our offer includes O-rings made of material of hardness:

  • O-rings NBR 50 ShA
  • NBR 60 ShA O-ring
  • O-rings NBR 70
  • NBR 75 ShA O-ring
  • NBR 80 O-rings
  • O-rings NBR 90/92

NBR sealing ring

Our wide range of technical seals also includes NBR sealing rings. These are rubber rings intended for general use. At the same time, they are the cheapest rubber seals. Our offer includes compliance with DIN 3760, which confirms the high accuracy of performance.