Oringi w otulinie FEP PFA

O-rings in Otulin are FEP O-rings

Covered O-rings are a hybrid solution tailored for highly demanding applications such as static sealing in an aggressive chemical environment. Elements of this type differ from the classic with a special FEP / PFAcoat, which gives them unprecedented resistance to environmental conditions such as high temperature or corrosive chemical compounds.

O-rings in a casing are usually made of silicone rubber or Viton, which is then covered with a layer of chemically inert Teflon (PTFE, i.e. Teflon®). This combination provides a synergy between these two materials – the elasticity of rubber / Viton and the chemical resistance of PTFE.

o-rings in POWER Rubber sheath
coated O-rings from POWERRubber.com

PTFE Teflon O-rings – Advantages

Teflon O-rings are much better than those used in industry than Teflon seals – the elastic elastomer core ensures that the layer of chemically inert O-ring shell adheres perfectly to the sealed surface.
The only thing you need to be careful about is excessive stretching of the O-ring or dynamic friction during system operation – applications in such places may damage the O-ring’s Teflon layer.

Here it is worth mentioning what is Teflon®, i.e. PTFE.

FEP O-rings – Application

fep O-rings
FEP O-rings

FEP O-rings can be used wherever the environment requires the use of Teflon O-rings – in the chemical, petroleum, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries etc. Teflon oring with an elastomer core will ensure perfect tightness and chemical resistance in any static application. Seals of this type are most often used when seals made of other compounds such as Silicone or Viton® / FPM / FKM are not sufficient to meet the given application.


Application examples:

  • Advanced technological processes in the food industry
  • Production processes for pharmacy
  • Application Sites requiring FDA certification
  • Contact with food
  • Production of dairy products
  • Manufacture of medical equipment
  • Production of fuels


The most common seals in PTFE Teflon sheaths are found in places exposed to contact with aggressive chemicals, i.e. chemicals.


A dedicated solution is where a low coefficient of friction is needed.

O-ring cover fep


Teflon O-rings – Temperature Range


Teflon o-rings with a VMQ / MVQ silicone rubber core can work in the temperature range from-60 ° C to 260 ° C, and with the FPMFKM Viton®core in the temperature range from -20 ° C to 204 ° C.



O-rings with a seamless sheath – What do they look like?

If you’re wondering what O-rings in seamless sleeves look like, here’s a graphic of FEP / PFA O-rings:


O-rings in a seamless coating
O-rings in a seamless coating

PFA O-ring – Types available


Due to the development of technology and the emergence of new requirements and the place of demand for high-class o-rings, the production of o-rings in a seamless cover is constantly expanded. And so we have available combinations of rubber compounds:

  • o-ring fep fpm – FPM blend in PTFE sheath
  • O-ring fep pfa
  • fep silicone oring, or FEPS
  • oring fep vmq
  • oring fep mvq
  • oring fep fkm
  • oring fep fpm
  • oring fep Viton®


To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer the production of non-standard sealing solutions, which is why our assortment includes:

  • O-rings in the cover FEP / PFA square– seals with a square cross-section
  • O-rings in the cover FEP / PFA rectangle – technical seals with a rectangular cross-section
  • O-rings in a seamless cover with a ring cross-section – the letters O

O-rings in laggings – a cheaper replacement for FFKM O-rings


FFKM O-rings are one of the most expensive O-rings. Of course, this is due to the most technologically advanced rubber compounds included in these technical seals. At the same time, choosing this solution, we gain the greatest possibility of chemical resistance on Earth. We mean here, for example, a wide temperature range or strong resistance to constant contact with oil or other petroleum substances. Here, however, it is worth asking yourself:

What if the FFKM orinig are too expensive?


This is where FEP-coated O-rings come with a solution! Sheathed O-rings are a cheaper replacement for FFKM O-rings.



What does this mean about FEP O-rings?


This means that they can as well be used in place of FFKM seals, but at a much lower price!


FEP O-rings – Application limitation


When should PFA O-rings not be used?

What prohibits their use?

What declassifies them from use?


The FEP o-rings are resistant to 204 ° C. O-rings with PFA coating are resistant up to 260 ° C with a silicone O-ring inside.
oringi pfa silicone
oringi pfa silicone


For us, the Rubber Professionals, the answer is very simple. PFA O-rings cannot be used in places that are susceptible to physical damage to technical seals. An example of this is, for example, the use of O-rings in a place subject to high friction. In a place where we can be sure that the casing will be easily torn off.


Realizacja zamówień na pierścieni uszczelniających typu o-ring z mat. Viton in PTFE sheath


In order to complete an order for O-rings in the FEP PFA cover, please fill out the contact form here -> Contact form < – Here, be by e-mail: power@powerrubber.com and by phone: +48 505 16 03 03


Own production of lagging sealsin POWER Rubber!

O-rings made of mat. Viton in PTFE sheath


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