PU polyurethane

PU polyurethane

Polyurethane – what is it?

Polyurethane is a plastic with limited use. This is the result of combining two raw materials (isocyanate and polyol) obtained from crude oil. Most things
with whom we have contact every day, it is made of this material. The properties of polyurethane (PU) include lower fusibility than polyamides and lower mechanical resistance. Thanks to this, the material is used in the production of spandex fibers (lycra, elastane).


PU – Material similar to plastic and ABS


Technical material such as PU – Polyurethane allows for the production of materials with increased hardness. Such elements made of PU have increased durability and chemical resistance. The material enables production in any color and most shapes. An example of the use of elements, e.g. in car mechanics, are suspension components such as: polyurethane suspension bushings and suspension arms.


Polyurethane foams


The material can be used in the form of polyurethane foams (e.g. ecological, winter, low-expansion, ordinary). The polymer may be in the form of a plate, a cover or a liquid foam. Liquid polyurethane is sold in the form of tubes and pipes. The convenient applicator attached to the set allows for precise placement of the material in the cavities
or cracks.


Adhesives made of polyurethane


Short waiting time for drying and high adhesion are the characteristic features of adhesives made of polyurethane. Perfect for related works
with construction (pipes, joints), electrical, renovation works (skirting boards, frames, wall decorations).


Polyurethane – application:

There are many places where we can find PU. Let’s see where there are different types of application for this material:

  • structural elements of increased hardness
  • suspension elements with increased strength
  • odorless cable thresholds shielding cables and wires
  • renovation and construction works (plumbing installations, self-propelled vehicles, furniture production, building insulation, composite panels)
  • household (insulation of refrigerators, mattresses)
  • production of clothing and footwear (shoe soles, trekking shoes, slippers, outer shell of jackets or vests, rainwear, gloves)
  • utility accessories (travel bags, thermos flasks, bottles)
  • automotive (car parts, tires, suspension components)
  • sports equipment (balls, bicycle saddles, skates, dumbbells, swimming caps)
  • liquid polyurethane (filling cavities, insulation of steel bathtubs, protection of installation conduits, acoustic insulation)
  • polyurethane foams (helpful in setting window or door joinery, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, filling expansion joints)
  • road industry
  • mining industry (vibro-isolators)
  • furniture industry (furniture lining, covering elements)


High elasticity, high abrasion resistance, the ability to dampen vibrations, tensile strength, self-extinguishing and electrically insulating properties are just some of the features of polyurethane panels. This modern material with a wide range of applications is also used in medicine to produce artificial organs. Also, wheelchairs and operating tables were made with the use of this polymer.



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