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AU rubber – Polyester urethane rubber

Polyurethane such as polyester urethane rubber is different from other elastomers. It is obtained from low-molecular and low-viscosity intermediates in the polyaddition process. The processing of this material is achieved by thermoplastic molding or by casting mixtures that are radioactive.

Urethane rubber, both polyester and polyether, is characterized by an extremely high level of strength and flexibility. For this reason, we can classify it both as elastomer, thermoplastic and duroplast. AU rubber is resistant to abrasion, oils, fuels and ozone. It also has damping properties. Urethane rubber is characterized by slightly better water resistance than EU rubber. Due to its many advantages, polyester urethane rubber is used in many areas. It is used, for example, for the production of seals, which are especially useful in hydraulics and pneumatics.

The temperature range of AU use is from -30 degrees Celsius. Celsius to + 80 degrees. For some of its varieties, the temperature resistance reaches even + 105 degrees. Celsius in mineral oils.

AU rubber – Properties

Polyurethanes are resistant to:


  • Mineral greases and oils
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Water and non-flammable liquids such as HSA and HSB


However, they are not immune to:


  • Hot water and steam above 40 Degrees
  • Liquids and acids
  • Amines
  • Mineral oils
  • Organic solvents



What does the abbreviation Kauczuk AU stand for?

The abbreviation AU comes from the English language. It stands for Polyester Urethane rubber.

AU rubber – Application

Thanks to a wide range of properties, polyester urethane rubber is used in high-pressure hydraulics as a sealing material – due to its resistance to high pressure and in pneumatics.

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