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EU rubber – Polyether urethane rubber

EU rubber – Polyether urethane rubber

Polyether urethane rubber is one of the group of polyurethane. They, unlike other elastomers, are obtained by polyaddition. Jest to reakcja chemiczna, w której nie występują skutki uboczne. It is distinguished by gradual rather than chain processes. Therefore, it is an irreversible reaction. It is during polyaddition that polyurethanes are obtained.

The processing of polyurethanes, such as polyether rubber, is carried out by thermoplastic molding or by casting mixtures which are characterized by radioactivity. In this case, the classic processing methods are also known, which are based on mixing the polymer with various fillers and cross-linking them.

Rubbers, such as EU rubber, are characterized by high strength and flexibility. Thanks to this, we can classify them both as elastomers, as well as thermoplastics and thermosets. Polyether urethane rubber is distinguished by resistance to abrasion, oils and ozone. They are also characterized by mechanical damping. However, this rubber is less waterproof than AU rubber. Thanks to a wide range of applications, polyether urethane rubber is used in many industries and industries. It is mainly used in high pressure hydraulics and pneumatics.

The temperature range of EU rubber is from -30 Celsius is +80 degrees. In some variations, up to +105 degrees.

Polyurethanes, such as EU rubber, are distinguished by their resistance to:

  • Water and non-flammable liquids
  • Oils and greases
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons

However, they are not immune to:

  • Amines
  • Liquids and acids
  • Solvents and acetone
  • Hot water and steam
  • Refined mineral oils

What does the abbreviation Kauczuk EU mean?

The abbreviation EU comes from the English language. Underneath it is polyether urethane rubber, that is polyether urethane rubber in Polish.

EU Rubber – Application

Due to a wide range of properties, polyurethanes such as EU rubber are used in many industries. They are mainly used for work under high pressure – in hydraulics and pneumatics.

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