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Cable protector
We present to you cable raids made according to innovative production strategies. Thanks to them, each space will become a safe place for both equipment and staff. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the incredible quality of our offer.

Cable protector
Presented cable rollovers are an excellent protection of cables against all kinds of damage. Their robust structure allows for increased exploitation without the risk of destruction. During daily work, cables are exposed to many dangers. One of them is the risk of breaking the cable. The wires often run through a significant part of the area of the hall or road, in order to avoid an accident that could therefore be experienced by users of space, these cable raids are used.

Professional cable protector
Professional cable protectors are the result of the hard work of highly qualified professionals, who together with the machinery of a modern technology park have created an economical and efficient product. Cable raids with Power Rubber will perform their task for years to come.



Próg kablowy M5 POWER o otworze 5razy: 3 x 3.5 cm

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Cable raids - Warsaw - POWER Rubber

Cable raids - Warsaw

Cable raids from POWER Rubber in Warsaw are available in 10 minutes!We offer a wide range for thresholds and cable raids in the following models:

  • Imposed
  • Opened
  • Tilting

We invite you to take advantage of the offer