Steam hose

Check the high quality of our steam hoses

Steam hose

Steam hoses

In this category you will find a selection of professional steam knives. Our advanced technological facilities allow you to create rubber products according to the latest production strategies. Thanks to this, they are resistant to the harmful effects of external factors.

Steam hoses Presented steam
hoses are produced from rubber mixtures of the highest quality. Our highly qualified staff, taking advantage of the innovations of the Power Rubber technology park creates products, which on the market are second to none. Our hoses are dedicated to the flow of water vapor, which can prove to be a particularly dangerous substance if we do not take care of the proper drainage conditions. Thanks to our water vapor transfer will take place flawlessly every time.

The highest quality water vapour hoses Water vapour hoses are designed to work with steam with a maximum working pressure in
the forks of 6 to 18 bar and at temperatures up to 160 °C to 210°C. Therefore, they are widely used in all kinds of industrial heating steam installations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

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Steam rubber hoses