Rubber compounds

Rubber compounds

Rubber compounds - The manufacturer POWER Rubber offers a wide range

The general definition of rubber mixtures boils down to plastic agglomerates whose composition is based on one or more rubber materials. In addition, other necessary raw materials are added to the mixture to give the rubber specific properties. As it turns out, rubber compounds are essential in many areas of life. All seals, garden hoses, tires, rubber elements of machines and everyday objects, footwear and sports equipment have dedicated types of rubber compounds.

Each of the compounds is produced for a specific area of life, therefore their compositions may differ from each other, and the technological processes support the production of specialized rubbers.

The most popular rubber compounds

The rubber compounds include natural and synthetic rubbers. The following types of materials are distinguished:

Rubber compounds can be shaped during the production process, also at the customer’s request. The simplest shape are the sheets that come from the use of the rolling mill. The tapes or plates are possible thanks to the calender. Strips can be obtained from the refrigerator. The extruder supplies confectionery.

When placing an order, please specify the color of the rubber mixture, its hardness and tensile strength. Other physical and mechanical requirements are set individually.

Types of rubber compounds

Rubber compounds can be divided according to their purpose: they can be general as well as specific.

General purpose rubber compounds are basic compounds that are used in the production of the entire spectrum of rubber products. They can be used where there are small demands on the environment, but they are also suitable for use in slightly more difficult conditions. They will definitely not work in the event of exposure to fuels, high temperature and oils.

Special purpose rubber compounds, i.e. special rubber compounds, are created when synthetic rubbers are added to the composition – nitrile, chloroprene or, for example, ethylene-propylene rubbers. They are perfect for harsh working and environmental conditions. One of their undeniable advantages is aging resistance.

In the production of rubber compounds for special purposes, non-specific requirements are taken into account, which are:

  • very good abrasion resistance,
  • high resistance to time,
  • possibility of contact with food products,
  • insensitivity to high or low temperature,
  • insensitivity to fuels and oils.

Thanks to such a wide range of rubber properties, they can be used in:

  • works where it is necessary to use hydraulic and engine oils and lubricants,
  • conditions that require the use of non-flammable hydraulic fluids,
  • places where the destructive factor may be water, air, UV rays, frost,
  • workshops that use brake fluids,
  • laundries and places where washing agents are important,
  • and many others.

Of course, rubber compounds can also be prepared on individual customer orders, according to their specific requirements. If necessary, the composition and required properties of rubber mixtures can be confirmed by Quality Certificates.

Rubber compounds Producer POWER Rubber

As a manufacturer of rubber compounds, we produce rubbers based on a wide variety of polymers. We carry out orders for single items and wholesale quantities. To place an order, the final properties of the product must be determined. Together with the client, we select the appropriate rubber base, adapt the production to the standards that the product must meet and set the price.

Rubber Compounds Production under orders

Rubber Compounds and the Production of rubber products are our everyday life. Oferujemy szeroki ich zakres oraz dedykowane rozwiązania takie jak np. produkcja na indywidualne zlecenie, dostosowana do wymagań naszych Klientów. Please contact us to determine the production plan and thus check our work schedule.

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