AEM rubber – Ethylene acrylic rubber

AEM rubber – Ethylene acrylic rubber

AEM rubber is a compound of ethylene polymer and methyl acrylate.

What does AEM Rubber mean?

The abbreviation AEM comes from the English language. Means acrylic ethylene rubber. In Polish, it means ethylene-acrylic rubber.

AEM Rubber – Properties

Ethylene acrylic rubber is a blend of ethylene polymer and methyl acrylate with a small amount of cross-linked carboxylic monomer. Its unique composition is due to its extraordinary properties. However, ethylene-acrylic rubber should not be confused with polyacrylic rubber (ACM).

Ethylene-acrylic rubber can boast an extremely high resistance to ozone and oxygen. It is also resistant to oils, but to a lesser extent than other rubbers in the ACM group. Also resistant to water up to 100 degrees. Celsius, acid and alkaline solutions and glycols.

However, ethylene-acrylic rubber is not resistant to ketones, fuels and brake oils. It is also not resistant to alcohols, cooling liquids and kerosene.

It is characterized by heat resistance up to 150 degrees. It is resistant for a short time up to 175 degrees. Its flexibility varies in temperatures depending on its application: from about -30 degrees to -40 degrees.

Ethylene Acrylic Rubber – Application

Blends based on ethylene-acrylic elastomers have a wide range of applications. According to the later processing, they are based on many recipe modifications. Most often, however, they find themselves in the automotive and chemical industries. They can also be used in electrical engineering. They are desirable wherever resistance to both low and high temperatures, resistance to acids and alkalis, as well as resistance to ozone and weather conditions are important. They are also valued for their high electrical properties.

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