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BR rubber – Butadiene rubber – Properties

BR rubber is butadiene rubber, also known as polybutadiene. It is built from its basic units. Butadiene units are bound in it by many bonds – both of the 1.4 and 1.2 type. Typically, BR butadiene rubber is used in combination with other types of rubber, such as natural, styrene-butadiene, chloroprene or acrylic-butadiene rubber. It rarely appears in its pure form. In combination with other rubbers, it is most often used to increase flexibility at low temperatures. At the same time, its wear resistance is also increased.

What does the abbreviation BR stand for?

This abbreviation comes from the English language. The abbreviation BR stands for butadiene rubber.

Butadiene rubber – Properties

Its abrasion resistance stands out among all types of rubber. It is also resistant to swelling in acids, bases, alcohol and water. Its temperature range of operation is from -60 to + 100 degrees.

Butadiene rubber is characterized by good resistance to the action of alcohols, glycols, acids and esters. In the face of low temperatures, it is distinguished by exceptionally high elasticity, especially in vulcanized products. It has a low level of hysteresis, i.e. a delay in response to a factor. However, it is not resistant to flames, oils and fats. It is also subject to aging and thermal factors. It only absorbs water to a small extent.

The density of raw BR rubber is 0.91 g / cm3. When used as a softener, with the addition of oil, its density may vary. Then it is about 0.92 g / cm3. However, the density may vary depending on the composition of the mixture.

Buna CB, Europrene – CIS and Calflex BR are trade names under which we find butadiene rubber.

Butadiene rubber – Application

Butadiene rubber is mainly used in the tire industry. There, it is used to create drive and conveyor belts. It is also used to create tire treads, tapes and V-belts. However, it does not work as a sealant. It is also used as a vibration damper and in the footwear industry. It is also used to create tires, inner tubes and bumpers.

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