Kalrez® Rubber – Perfluorinated rubber FFKM FFPM

Kalrez® Rubber – Perfluorinated rubber FFKM FFPM

Kalrez® rubber, i.e. Perfluorinated rubber FFKM FFPM, thanks to the use of special tetrafluorinated monomers, i.e. monomers completely free of hydrogen, appropriate selection of components and the use of appropriate processing, we have a chance to obtain materials with elasto-elastic properties similar to PTFE. FFKM rubber has chemical properties similar to PTFE material and elastic properties of FKM rubber. The processing of FFKM perfluorine rubber, however, is quite difficult. Due to the much higher price of FFKM rubber compared to FKM rubber, the former is only used in applications where other materials of this type do not work. This may be the case, for example, in the semiconductor and measuring instrument industry or in the chemical industry. It is influenced by aggressive media or very high temperatures. FFKM is useful wherever the cost of replacing the seals exceeds the cost of its value.

The heat resistance of the FFKM rubber is up to approx. + 310 degrees. Its resistance to low temperatures reaches about -15 degrees. Special materials, however, can achieve resistance down to -35 degrees.

What does the abbreviation FFKM mean?

The abbreviation FFKMcomes from the English language. This means perfluoroelastomer, which is the perfluoroelastomer rubber.

Perfluorine rubber FFKM chemical resistance

The resistance of the material known as FFKM is as follows:

  • Basically all chemicals
  • Effects of oxygen, ozone and weathering aging
  • Very little weight loss under high vacuum and high temperature conditions

However, it is not resistant to:

  • Fluorine-containing chemicals (e.g. Freon 11, 12, 13, 113, 114)

The history of Kalrez®

Kalrez® is a material designed by DuPont. Especially valued in the field of aerospace, transportation and chemical processing, up to the production of chips and for applications in the oil and gas industry. Kalrez is designed to ensure a high level of stability, high resistance and effective sealing. It offers consistent curing speed and the longest lifetime in the industry. Designed for mission-critical applications. Kalrez is considered to be the best and most accessible polymer structure. They are made up of over 1,800 different chemicals. Nevertheless, Kalrez also offers high temperature stability.

Kalrez® O-rings – Temperature

O-rings made of this material have exceptional chemical and thermal resistance. It even reaches + 350 Celsius (only periodically) O-rings made of this material are intended for applications where rubber elements are particularly exposed to very high temperatures. They are distinguished by a low permeation coefficient and, at the same time, low susceptibility to swelling and other similar chemical attacks.

They achieve temperature resistance from -50 Celsius, up to + 315 degrees Celsius. Celsius. O-rings made of FFKM perfluorinel also have increased resistance to acids.

Kalrez® O-rings – Application

Features of Kalrez O-rings:

  • Highest chemical resistance in a wide range
  • Acid resistance
  • High mechanical properties
  • Both dynamic and static applications
  • Low permeability, which in turn reduces the risk of swelling
  • Low chance of squeezing out when squeezed
  • Good performance under vacuum conditions

All the features of perfluorine rubber make it a wide and unique range of applications. It will find its application wherever all rubber elements are particularly exposed to difficult chemical and thermal conditions. FFKM o-rings should be taken into account in the production of cars and airplanes. Also wherever the devices require maximum resistance to high temperatures. Perfluoro rubber is resistant to mineral, aliphatic and aromatic oils and greases. Perfluoro rubber is resistant to mineral, aliphatic and aromatic oils and greases. It is especially effective in the aviation and space industry, where it is used for static seals with o-rings, membranes and gaskets. In the chemical industry, pumps, mechanical valves and seals are created with its help. In the semiconductor industry, it is used to produce gas emission reduction systems in environments with high temperatures.

Kalrez® O-rings Types

O-rings made of FFKM come in many variants to meet the highest requirements. On our side, we will present the available types of Kalrez, to make it even easier to choose the type for the properties needed for our use. And so we distinguish the basic types:

Kalrez 0040

Working temperature: from -42 ° C to + 220 ° Celsius

Type dedicated to use in low temperatures. Dedicated to the Arctic Circle areas.

Kalrez 0090

Working temperature: up to + 250 ° Celsius

Type dedicated to places of rapid decompression of gases (RDG). Certified by British standard: NORSOK-M-710

Kalrez 1050LF

Working temperature: up to + 288 ° Celsius

Dedicated for hot water and steam. Also for contact with ammonia derivatives – amine and amines. Not recommended for use with organic acids and inorganic acids at high temperatures.

Kalrez 3018

Working temperature: up to + 288 ° Celsius

Dedicated general-purpose blend for the aviation industry. One of the main features is the resistance to swelling in contact with organic and inorganic acids. Adapted to thermal cycles. Model not recommended for contact with hot water and steam, or ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.

Kalrez 4079

Working temperature: up to + 316 ° Celsius

The mixture is intended for the aviation industry. Aging resistant for hot air. It is characterized by low swelling in organic and inorganic acids and aldehydes. Not recommended for use in contact with: hot water and steam, aliphatic amines, ethylene and propylene oxides.

Kalrez 6221

Working temperature: up to + 260 ° Celsius

FDA Certified mixture, i.e. dedicated to the food industry, for contact with food due to the negligible extraction of mixture particles in contact with water vapor. Also USP VI certified.

Kalrez 6375

Working temperature: up to + 275 ° Celsius

Dedicated to the chemical industry. It has excellent resistance to acids, bases and amines. Also recommended for use in contact with hot steam or hot water, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.

Kalrez 6380

Working temperature: up to + 225 ° Celsius

Dedicated to the chemical industry that uses the broadly understood aggressive and hot amines. Used in places intended for oxidation.

Kalrez 7075

Working temperature: up to + 327 ° Celsius

Dedicated to places with low permanent deformations. Used in the chemical industry and using hydrocarbons as a medium.

Kalrez 7090

Working temperature: up to + 325 ° Celsius

A mixture of increased hardness. Dedicated to the highest pressures, both for use in static connections and dynamic connections for high temperatures. It is characterized by high resistance to gas decompression, tests of thermal cycles and permanent deformation.

Kalrez 9100

Working temperature: up to + 300 ° Celsius

Transparent compound dedicated to contact with erosion and wear processes, places of dust generation and use for the plasma environment. Dedicated for dynamic seals.

Source: www.dupont.com

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