Cattle mats

Cattle matts

mats Cattle mats are a solution for ensuring the comfort of contact between the feet and the ground. This is guaranteed by their construction based on a mixture of rubber and non-woven fabric. Cattle mats have non-slip properties, are resistant to abrasion and the absorption of liquid feces. Thanks to them, the risk of injury is reduced and makes it easier to maintain cleanliness, which directly translates into the health and condition of animals. A separate type are lair mats, providing cows with the right quality rest, which is important for the effectiveness of breeding.

Lair mats for cattle
Today, rubber mats are increasingly used in cattle farming instead of traditional straw or sawdust. Lair mats are of great importance here, because the comfort of cow rest translates directly into breeding effects. Simply put: mats and lair mattresses encourage animals to relax, and when cows lie longer and more willingly, lactation and milk production increase. Lair mats minimize the risk of injury and increase the safety of cattle. It is also not insignificant that thanks to their use, hygiene in the barn is much easier and takes less time.



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Rubber mats for cattle are mats for the sediction barn

Lair mats for cattle guarantee good breeding effects

The cow should be lying 12-14 hours a day. It has been proven that during this time, the blood supply increases udr iron resulting in an increase in milk yield. Therefore, an important element of the breeding premises are the stalking lairs, and especially the substrate on which the cows rest.

Today, lair mats with a non-slip surface imitating natural substrate are increasingly used. Rubber mats increase the comfort of rest of the cow, perform an insulating function and reduce the cost of breeding.

Lair mattresses - a higher level of comfort

Lair mattresses are one way to increase the comfort of cow rest. They consist of rubber granules, on which there is a layer of polyurethane foam and a very durable, latex material.

Lair mattresses are soft, springy and ineparable. The lack of perforation makes it easy to remove feces and dirt from them, and their unintirentity prevents the absorption of fluids.

Lair mattresses are non-slip – even when wet, they provide excellent grip.

Lair boxes

There are areas in the free-standing barn that allow freedom of movement to meet its current needs. One of the types of such stations are lair boxes, that is, fenced by barriers of lying place with free access to them. In lair boxes, as in other barn systems, lair mats are used, which determine the comfort of rest and promote easy cleaning. The mats used in the boxes have a surface for easy cleaning and are also unsatiled.

Mats for young cattle

In breeding buildings there are areas for young cattle: calves and group buns for young people.

Young animals, unlike the older ones, are characterized by increased temperament and inexperience. No wonder, then, that in this age group, trauma is greatest.

In calves and group pens, special mats for young cattle are used.

Their design creates the impression of an airbag. For this reason, mats for young cattle are softer and safer compared to other types of coatings.