Rubber sponge cord

Foamed Cord of Porous Cell Rubber

In Power Rubber you will find a selection of professional porous rubber cords. Among our range you will meet with high-quality products. This is due to our highly qualified staff, who chose to respond to the most demanding expectations of our customers as a point of honor. Knowledge updated on an ongoing basis, many years of experience and a technology park, which includes modern machines – this is what Power Rubber can boast.

Porous rubber cords
In our assortment you will meet with sponge cords made of specialized materials. Thanks to this, they can perform their tasks even in extremely unfavorable conditions. We have neoprene and EPDM cords or expansion cords that will prove irreplaceable when sealing door windows, dilatation of floors and walls.

Porous rubber cords – quality that is visible in action
Our cords are widely used during renovation and construction works and various industries. The cord is an excellent electric insulator. Thanks to its structure, it has a high tolerance to extreme temperatures, gases such as ozone and oxygen, and harmful UV radiation.



sznury gumowe porowate

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

Porous rubber cords from the Manufacturer

Cord of Porous Cell Rubber

Cord of Porous Cell Rubber

The Porous Cell Rubber cord is a soft line with a porous structure. They are available from a variety of rubber mixtures such as:

  • Epdm
  • Nbr
  • Fkm
  • Silicone
  • Cr
  • Neoprene