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Rubber flooring

In this category, we present to you rubber mats, which are made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, they are resistant to damage and perfectly fulfill their tasks. As long-time distributors of this type of product, we are proud to admit that the mats you find with us are second to none. This is confirmed by a large group of fully satisfied customers.

Rubber mats
We have a carefully selected assortment, which hides products of impressive quality. In the rubber mats category, we find playground mats, spongy gum and rubber linings. Their use is very wide. We can meet them in children’s playareas, many public benefit facilities, warehouses or halls. Despite many special features of mat, there is one parent – the ability to provide maximum safety.

Rubber mats – safety base
Presented mats are an ideal floor lining. Their assembly has many positive effects. Therefore, it is not worth procrastinating – you need to act and create a space full of safety and non-standard aesthetics.

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Rubber mats and rubber lining

High-quality rubber mats

welding mats
welding mats - used for welding

Are you looking for high-quality rubber mats that will operate reliably for many years, resistant to a variety of factors? If so, we invite you to take advantage of the offer of our store, where only the best rubber mats, adapted to demanding customers, appear. Our rubber mats are widely used on leveled, hardened ground, also on asphalt, concrete. Preparing the site for such mats is therefore only about leveling and curing the terrain. Thanks to this, our mats are so widely used in sports facilities or playgrounds.So we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of our store, where we have been betting on the highest quality rubber products for years. We are constantly developing our offer and thanks to this products delivered to our customers, of which they are fully satisfied. We serve both small and large enterprises and individual customers throughout Poland.