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Rubber tape is a high quality product, we appreciate by many specialists from various industries. This element has already won a group of supporters not only in Poland, but also in the world. It is widely used in agriculture, heavy industry, mining and many other sectors of the economy. Rubber tapes are used to transport and secure products. Their use significantly increases transport safety and is sometimes a prerequisite. These are very versatile products, so it is worth to learn a little more about them. Such knowledge with a collection of useful information will certainly help you to make an accurate decision as to which tapes will best meet your expectations.

Product characteristics

Conveyor belts – because with such a name can also be found – are suitable for use in a very wide range of activities. These are versatile components with varying degrees of strength. Here, an important parameter worth paying attention to is the presence of interchis. Each subsequent fabric spacer strengthens the tapes and allows for higher loads. The offer of the largest, renowned manufacturers of rubber accessories mainly includes single-bearing tapes and to a slightly lesser extent also two-, three- and multi-spacer. Rubber straps made in this way have different break resistance, and the more fabric interchedues, the stronger they are. They also affect the thickness of rubber bands. As a standard, it is also assumed that the correct and expected termination of the rubber band for the conveyor belt is the factory protection of the edges of the rubber.

Conveyor belts – material properties

Most often, you can meet with the fact that rubber tapes are characterized by general application. Universal parameters include, but are not limited to, oil resistance. These are flammable and acid-resistant rubber strips. Such a special rubber band also has a slip fabric on the running side, which facilitates the assembly and transport of products. Rubber tapes commonly available on the market are highly abrasion resistant and often have a structure. These and many other different physical and mechanical properties make rubber bands ideal for so many industries and sectors with similar technologies. The basic parameters of the tape include width, length in circumference and thickness. When looking for the right product for you, it is worth remembering the latest abrasion markings used for rubber tapes. They are divided into 4 groups – categories W, X, Y and Z. Rubber or fabric-rubber tape with spacers can be combined in several ways. The most common is undoubtedly hot-linking with vulcanizing work. Another method is cold bonding with a professional glue. You can also try to connect individual belts mechanically using special fittings. Before use, it is also necessary to take an interest in the detailed data of the conveyor on which the rubber bands will work. Looking through the offers of online stores and guide content, you can come across information about the fact that such details of the service are worth determining individually. Rubber tapes have strict capabilities, so it is worth getting acquainted with the type and characteristics of the material being transported and the operating conditions. These parameters may include product temperature, tape environment, belt load, as well as travel speed and other internal conditions (such as dust, dust or oil). Tapes can be profiled or smooth.

Use of tape

Equipment used for short-sea transport is often used in many production companies as well as forwarding and transport companies. Rubber belts can be used in the processing of raw materials and the agri-food processing industry. These are some of the most commonly used transmission solutions. They are used to transport materials in a variety of industries, as such tapes are now widely available and considered a universal solution and a kind of efficient mechanism. Customers agree that the most versatile type of belts is made of different types of elastomers. All this thanks to the fact that they can be easily adapted to the specific and demanding conditions that occur with a specific application in a given company. Conveyor belts made of rubber have many positive physical properties and are very mechanically resistant, which makes them widely recognized. The rubber provides high moisture resistance, so that without the slightest problem the product can be in contact with slightly mimicry working environments. This will be useful, among other things, in the food industry or in processing. Such a tape can therefore be used wherever the transferred materials come into contact with water. For example, these are often technological processes involving washing. Rubber belts also perfectly tolerate work in a reduced or elevated environment. This makes them possible to be used in cold rooms, as well as for certain types of heat treatment.

Special features of rubber tapes to look out for

High-quality tapes tolerate contact with oils or lubricants well. This makes them easy to use when transporting components that require oil baths. Due to its characteristics, this relatively new type of rubber products is also suitable for contact with food. The high coefficient of friction ensures that the tape does not slip on drums and rollers and, on the other hand, gives a sufficiently good grip. It also has excellent and appreciated by industry professionals for its cushioning and damping properties. The use of tapes of different thicknesses reduces the noise generated. The product can be used in agricultural machinery, as well as in the processing industry or woodworking. However, there are many more applications, which is a common feature of many rubber products. They can be modified to further protect the new load you are moving from falling off the route you are sending. A good idea that secures the operation of the tape is to use thresholds that move and scrape goods. You can also try to better keep the products in the track of your choice by giving the right shape to the tapes. Well-stocked wholesalers with accessories have relatively frequent deliveries, so you do not need to warn in advance about the desire to buy such rubber bands. However, it is worth consulting with a professional who will help in the best choice of tape, to your individual needs and capabilities.

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