Kinds of threads

Types of threads

Thread Types. Check the Imperial and Metric Trapezoidal Threads and others on the market. We invite you to download the PDF version. Check specific information.

Rubber pads for the compactor

Rubber pads for the compactor

Compactors are construction machines that make it easier for us to perform not only construction works, but also garden works. These include compacting sand for paving stones or leveling the soil. Such steps are necessary if we want the grass to grow evenly. An important element of the construction of this machine are rubber cushions […]

Warsaw AV mounts Rubber Shock absorbers

Silent blocks

Silent blocks are a rubber-metal sleeve designed to absorb and eliminate vibrations and shocks caused by vibrations of mechanical elements, e.g. in the suspension, while driving a car. How are they built?   The silent block consists of a metal structure made of two sleeves inserted into each other. Between the sleeves there is an […]


Vibration isolators. Description of operation

You enter the password: Vibroizolators Description of operationin the search engine, we hope for a simple answer. You definitely need to go to the roots to understand the operation of vibro-isolators and the main purpose of the application: i.e. damping of mechanical vibrations, i.e. vibrations. Vibration suppression Let’s look at the scientific approach: Vibrations are […]

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